Matthew Ivan Cherry ARTIST

My artwork and creative process are inherently dependent on participants who are willing to volunteer as subjects. I have several projects that are ongoing (listed to the left by project name). If you wish to participate in any one of my projects, please contact me for instructions. For example, the pieces above are part of *somewhereX - a gay Mormon portrait project (see description below) other project narratives are included in the links to the left.)

*somewhereX - a gay mormon portrait project - "because we exist" . I am looking for LGBTQ mormons (active, inactive or excommunicated) to document in titan-sized portrait paintings to show strength in solidarity, to portray the beauty and worth of individuals who have been able to weather feeling like an outcast or worse, due to being "other than" the norm and who have managed to get to the other side, through extraordinary sheer will and determination where they now experience peace, happiness, and wholeness living their truth despite a culture's unwillingness to accept and embrace them, let alone tolerate or understand them.

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